Sponsored Rider

Ema Klugman

About Ema
Correct Connect is proud to sponsor Ema Klugman. Ema has burst onto the eventing scene with top placings at Great Meadow Nations Cup**** and Fair Hill International CCI**** aboard her own Bendigo. Not only is she an avid and successful competitor, she is also a well respected instructor.   She teaches both young riders and adult amateurs in dressage, showjumping and eventing.  As a graduate “A” of the United States Pony Club,  Ema especially enjoys teaching Pony Clubbers and has a strong belief in the integrity of the Pony Club system.


Ema also specializes in riding and training young horses, whether it be backing them, teaching the to jump, or taking then to their first shows.  Ema has brought along all of her upper level horses from youngsters to serious competitors.


Why Ema Likes Correct Connect
Correct Connect is an invaluable training tool. How many times do you ask your students to shorten their reins in a lesson? How many times have you had to reorganize your reins while jumping around a course? Probably many times. Correct Connect removes the possibility of rein slippage so that you can focus on all of the other parts of your ride. I love the steady, solid feel that you can develop in connection with the horse’s mouth while riding with these reins and gloves.