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Product Description


Soft and breathable black leather gloves for at a show or home.

Small (6.5-7.5)     Med (7.5-8.5)     Large (8.5-9.5)     XLarge (10)*

*to determine your glove size, measure around your hand at the widest part, excluding the thumb.  The number of inches should equal your glove size.

Patent Pending

Product Features


  • Correct Connect™ rein system is simple to use. No special bits or devices are needed. Simply remove your current reins from your horses bit and replace them with the new Correct Connect reins, slide your hands into the Correct Connect gloves and you’re ready to ride.
  • Touch fastener on lower fingers and upper palm encourage proper contact, while allowing rider to be soft in their fingertips.
  • High quality leather reins and breathable durable gloves can be used together or separately for every single ride.